This New Quilting Superpower with Double Reward Allows You to 

Sew Double Than Your Quilting Friends!

 - in the same time - - with the same effort - - using the same materials - 

Even if you are a beginning quilter. Even if you don't have too much time for quilting. 

For busy quilters that want to sew more in less time.

Dear quilter, I already know these things about you:

You want to spend wisely your limited time for sewing.

  • On quick and easy quilts, quilts that inspire and impress, quilts that make you happy and proud.

You need easy and fun learning experiences.

  • You need a successful sewing experience that gives you confidence and hope for a quick and beautiful finished quilt.

You are disappointed that you can't sew more.

  • You keep wondering how other quilters are able to sew so many beautiful quilts? 

The truth is, the pattern you are using matters! You don't need more UFOs in your drawer!

Follow a confusing pattern and you will start questioning your skills. Use a good pattern and you will feel confident and proud, ready for even more quilting fun.

Sewing more in less time is possible. How about 2 quilts in 2 days?

You just have to choose the right pattern! You need a quick and easy technique and a BIG REWARD! How about a DOUBLE REWARD?  

Introducing the DOUBLE REWARD Quilt Pattern A pattern that will help you Quilt Smarter, Not Harder, Quilt More in Less Time  

Smart technique with unexpected benefits!

  • 3 pieces of fabric 
  • 1 piece of fusible web 
  • 1 precision knife (easily available at any hobby store)
  • smart designs
  • smart cutouts  

Before you know, pieces for two quilt tops will wait for you to create your magic! 

Building confidence for beginning quilters. Creating fun for experienced quilters.

This pattern will teach you:

- how to create two quilt tops at once

  • what are the best tools for this technique  
  • how to work with designs in any size (even bigger than the fusible web width!)
  • how to easily choose a successful fabric combo 
  • what fusible web to use and how to use it
  • how to prepare the fabrics
  • what labeling system to use to keep the pieces in order
  • how to make the cutout process easy and fun 
  • how to assemble the two tops  

- 5 super easy ways to quilt the tops -in one continuous stitching, using the walking foot or the free motion quilting foot 

How My 17 Year Quilting Experience (Good and Bad) Can Help You Sew More in Less Time

I am kind of a lazy quilter! Maybe you think it's hard to believe this, as I have written a book and have made a few award winning quilts. But truth to be said - I LOVE an EASY and FUN sewing! That's why I always find ways to make my work easier and simplify things. And I want the same for you!  

That's why this pattern includes:  

  • 30 pages of detailed instructions with lots of tips - there is an answer for every question you may have 
  • 67 crystal clear photos  
  • 18 designs with different levels of complexity
  • small designs that you can use to try different colorways; you can also enlarge them to any size you need 
  • 128 pages of full size templates (20'') that you can print in any size  

I wanted an easy cutout process for you, that's why these designs feature mostly straight lines and only super gentle curves!  

Less headache, more fun! More sewing in less time!

Your new superpower!  

This is an easy to understand, easy to apply technique.  

Once you understand it, you will approach any new design with confidence and you will be able to design your own quilts.  

QUICK, EASY & FUN fabric selection. Mix and match with confidence. 

Endless possibilities for colors, textures, patterns of fabric. Lots of tips will help you take the best decision.  

Afraid to use black fabric? This pattern is for you!  

- you don't have to transfer the design to fabric - the contrast between colors makes quilting easy  

Time-saving and frustration-free technique. The insanely detailed instructions will encourage any quilter!

1. Reverse applique technique You will create a top made out of a cutout design that is fused to a background fabric. 

Easy steps with big results! You are about to create a magic!  

2. Applique technique The cutout pieces are used to create an additional quilt top.

  • without transferring the design to fabric
  • without additional work or materials for preparing the applique pieces.  

Do you like puzzles? This is even better, because the pieces are numbered!

Make fusible web your best friend. It's a magician that makes you a better quilter!

Cutout FUN - even for your first try! Check out the videos below. 

The pattern includes lots of tips for easy cutting.  

1 pattern, 18 designs, 36 projects. 18 designs with different levels of complexity will make your first project easy, keeping you excited for all the possibilities!

Clean lines, simple shapes – these designs are anything but ordinary. All the designs measure 20''.

I wanted to make it super easy for any quilter!  

That's why I made for you designs with different levels of difficulty and complexity; a few of them are so simple and easy that even a child could cut them out.  

Sew a quick design first, understand the amazing benefits of the technique and you will be ready to expand your experience, sewing more complex designs.

Quilt your tops yourself, even if you are a beginner! You will not ruin your precious tops. I promise! 


Good news for those who are not fond of free motion quilting!  

These designs can be entirely quilted with the walking foot - in ONE CONTINUOUS line! 

  • using straight stitching  
  • using decorative stitching  

For better secured edges, you can use a zig zag stitch.  


Fun options for free motion quilting lovers!  

I quilted all my quilts with free motion quilting and darning foot.

The quilts can be safely washed. With minimal fraying! 

 The fusible web keeps the fraying at a minimum level.

Real results!

I felt great joy making not one, but two complementary quilts.

  • "I like challenges because I feel like I'm progressing in my passion for quilting. I recommend Geta's patterns as an excellent source of inspiration and challenges. I bought many patterns from her and every time I was delighted how detailed they are. This pattern has step-by-step instructions, clear and precise designs, color photographs, many color and size variations, and a lot of tips. I felt great joy making not one, but two complementary quilts, without additional material or time, using the same pattern. Dear Geta, without your pattern I would have never had two wonderful, unique quilts with a unique 3D visual impact. My biggest critic, my husband, looking at these quilts told me that I have progressed a lot, so I expect new challenges from you! " Silvia

Break the monotony, reactivate your inner child and recharge your batteries.  

  • "When you are bored and tired doing the same things every day, choosing this pattern is the best way to break the monotony, reactivate your inner child and recharge your batteries. I used this applique technique - reversed applique - for the first time, with one of the easy designs. It worked so well! The instructions are so well balanced between text - photos - diagrams, that you have all the information you need to follow all the steps on your own, even if you are a beginner. In addition, the quilting tips are so useful that you do not have to waste time looking for quilting ideas. And do you know what the greatest satisfaction of this pattern is? That you can make two quilts from the cutouts of a single design." Mihaela

The pattern includes even more fun

Complete instructions for the traditional fusible raw edge applique technique

Maybe you don't have the knife on hand and can't try the reverse applique technique RIGHT NOW. You can still enjoy and sew these beautiful, super quick and super easy designs - RIGHT NOW! Instructions for the traditional raw edge applique technique are included.  


  • This technique changes completely the look of the designs.  
  • The technique is super quick and easy! 
  • You need only scraps for these designs - the more colors, the better!  


The same EXTREMELY EASY quilting - one continuous stitching!  

This is my quilt after washing. The fusible web minimizes the fraying.  

If desired, the edges can be secured with a zig zag stitch.  

Imagine all these designs in rainbow colors!  

How to finish your quilts (any size!) as pillow covers with envelope closure. 


Learn the easiest way to turn your quilts into pillow covers. 

An "easy-to-remember formula" will help you create backing pieces for any quilt top. 


You pay for all these, but here is what you really get: 

  • 3 stress-free ways to create quilts that make you proud. 
  • Instructions that guide and encourage you from start to finish.
  • A solid understanding of the techniques. 
  • Hours of enjoyment - the 18 available designs give you endless possibilities!  

Confidence and hope for bold quilts made quickly and easily!  

  • I really enjoy your patterns. Very clearly laid out, useful pictures, in fact, everything to make creating quilts a pleasure. Heather  
  • I love your creativity. You inspire me to create things I might not have tried if I did not see yours first. Nancy  
  • I am inspired by your unique patterns. You provide helpful detailed instructions and many pictures to guide the patterns. You instill confidence to try something different. Liz

This is YOU! 

  • A more confident quilter
  • Saving your valuable time for even more enjoyable quilting 
  • Skipping over frustration 
  • Expanding your knowledge 
  • Sharpening your skills
  • Replacing hours of practice and struggles with a rewarding sewing experience 
  • Feeling the joy of creating, knowing that your work is appreciated  

An enthusiast and proud quilter! Sounds like a dream?  

Make it happen!

Double Reward quilt pattern 

complete instructions 18 designs with full size templates +2 Bonuses

This is a pdf pattern. Check your email for instructions on how to download it.

This pattern is included in the Reverse Applique Pattern Bundle. Enjoy the discount and bonuses - click below.