Free Motion Quilting ebook

Free Motion Quilting Still Scares YOU?
I will teach you how to make it FUN!
*Psst! It's not about PRACTICE!

Learn from my experience (and MISTAKES!) and avoid hours of frustration. Download my free ebook!

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Free Motion quilting could intimidate a beginner quilter.
But not YOU!

I know you hear this all the time: "Practice! Practice! Practice! It will make it better!"

But here is a SECRET!

is not the only key to successful free motion quilting!
More important than PRACTICE are:

The PROPER tools

“ Your help in Free Motion Quilting is the reason I had the courage to try it in the first place. ”

You do such a great job sharing, teaching, inspiring and encouraging others."

I don't know how I stumbled on your website but I'm so glad I did. You have helped me so much to build confidence with machine quilting. I've been a hand-quilter for many years and it's hard to learn something that much different but I am!

More FUN for you!  Access  the LIBRARY of FREE QUILT DESIGNS now!

An extensive Library of free quilt designs only for YOU!
FULL SIZE patterns and templates for more than 50 designs.
Different sizes available.
You could enlarge them to any size.

Download. Print. Sew!

Use these designs and sew quilts in different techniques. Here are a few: wholecloth, trapunto, shadow trapunto, applique, applique+trapunto.

Free tutorials for all these techniques are available on my website.


A Word From The Author

Hi, I am Geta Grama, a passionate Romanian quilter. I design quilt and bag patterns. Most of them are for quick and easy (but IMPRESSIVE) quilts.

From studying my first quilting book with a magnifying glass (15 years ago!) to writing a book, from two award-winning quilts (in Houston!) to more than 45 patterns, I enjoy every minute of my quilting life.

I share in this ebook EVERYTHING I have learned in 15 years of quilting.
Learn from my experience and start making YOUR quilting FASTER, EASIER and FUN!

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